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Who is Basem?

Internet Consultant Looking for Work


Basem Kanana
Irbid, Jordan ( HKJ )
Skype: basem.kanana

I am your best Internet consultant with over 25 years of experience on the net.. Contact me if you need any kind of Internet Help./.

Objective: To help myself and my clients achieve success in  their business on the Internet.


1985-1988 York College, City University of New York, USA
Studied Information System Management which enabled me to do some computer programming and information management.

1993-1997 Glendale Community College, Arizona, USA
Studied Electronics Computer Technology and Local Area Networks which enabled me to develop websites for clients and develop my own commercial websites such as WorkingOnline.com and ToMakeMoney.net

Work Experience:

1983 – 1997 
Freelance work such as commerce ( Buying and Selling for profit )

1997 – 2000  
Worked with Glendale Community College - Innovation Center , AZ, USA, as an instructional associate. I was able to teach students computer skills and the Internet. Also worked as an Assistant Website developer in which I was able to help develop websites for the College.

1995 – Present
Working as an affiliate marketer for companies such as ClickBank.com.  Also working as an Internet consultant. I have extensive experience in Web Development, Internet Marketing and Advertising.

Languages: Written and Spoken Arabic and English

More Info: Male, Married, DOB: 03/15/1965, USA and Jordanian citizen

More info about Basem kanana can be found at http://www.BasemOnline.com

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